Monday, February 5, 2007

Dark and Deep

Today we went into the forest.. to Bear Creek, the first proper stop off of the Angeles Crest Highway. There is a succession of perfect swimming holes, one cascading into the next.

Being February (albeit a balmy, 80 degree February), the only one of us brave enough to jump right in was Otis:

He cannot resist the siren's call (his siren is a stick.. any stick..):

..speaking of the forest, I came across Peter Beste's website today. He's a photographer who spent 4 years documenting the black metal scene in Norway. Crazy stuff:

Mayhem, Enslaved, Gorgoroth, Emperor, Darkthrone. The lead singer of Gorgoroth, 'Gaahl', lives alone in a cabin in a remote valley on the west coast of Norway.. he says 'It is important to have a lot of space for yourself to be able to grow strong branches, which can stand in the most extreme surroundings. Personally I need nature surrounding me- like mountains, trees and rivers in order to relax, to learn and to teach. All this is very important for my inner self'.

Me too, Gaahl!