Sunday, February 25, 2007

Good Night/Good Morning

Thank you Los Angeles!

Last night was truly wonderful.. so many friends showed up! Per my usual style, though, I took about 7 pictures:

David and Nina in front of the Owl Wall...

Tamala and Paloma leading the sing-along (check out the beautiful giant Rosebud print in the background, courtesy of the amazing Joanne Kim!)..

..Poketo in the house! Angie and Ted hand-delivered my new wallets, which i'll scan and post sometime soon (I'm still dealing with this shitty cold, which is making everything monumentally difficult.). They turned out so rad! Super saturated and bright.

We talked, we danced, we raised a bunch of cash for little Rosebud. Again, massive thank you's and LOVE to all my friends who made the night possible!!