Sunday, February 4, 2007


Yesterday I headed over the hills to the Skirball Cultural Center to attend a seminar taught by this woman:

Rebecca Street, a.k.a the Kashi Cereal Lady! She's actually my friend Amanda's mom, and a wonderful actress too (Rebecca was a series regular on The Young and the Restless for two years - playing the first daytime character with AIDS). She teaches a fascinating workshop based on the writings of Joseph Campbell, this guy:

Best known for his 1949 book 'The Hero With A Thousand Faces', Campbell saw everything through a lens of myth, metaphor and the metaphysical. He viewed artists who connected with their authentic, unique voice as exalted mystics. "The way of the mystic and the way of the artist," he said, "are very much alike--except that the mystic does not have a craft."

These are the kind of opportunities I'm going to miss very much when I move into the forest. On the (huge) plus side, I'll be living in a cabin on the Puget Sound.. I'm pretty sure Joseph Campbell would love it. It's magical.

Speaking of rad moms, mine mailed me this beautiful flower pin that she made by hand! It's assembled from a bounty of vintage kimono fabric that she found online. She's the one who always encouraged me to be an artist.. thanks mom!