Thursday, February 22, 2007


I have a wicked cold. My head feels like it is made out of a pillow; my ears buzz and any idea of taste or flavor has been kidnapped.. pretty much all I can do is sit here and sniffle while Justin keeps handing me amazing artifacts from the storage room he's cleaning out:

I covet this picture, I thought maybe we had lost it.. 'Eating of the Night Feces', from the Thurston County Fair a few years ago. Some kid made this poster and hung it up in the bunny barn.. if you look really closely you can see the little night feces taped to the bunny's mouth.

Here's Justin and Brandt being wild n' crazy in high school! Funny how things don't change too much. Fast forward a year or two, and here he is again being such a punk with Crispin Glover and Brent. Olympia, 1993?:

And this list, written on the back of a fanzine called 'Joe Preston's Legs', details the strange phenomenon of scorpio singers and gemini drummers:

I can almost feel the rain.