Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Fattening Tuesday

Good grief. The party train in Los Angeles is on full-steam ahead! Today my wonderful pal Joshua Ploeg came to town on his Vegan Dinner Party Tour 2007, bringing delicious savories and sweets themed around the aforementioned 'Fat Tuesday'.. 8 courses of vegan insanity, people! Save me. I can barely type as my body digests the treats (I must confess, I only made it to course 5 before I bowed out, because dessert was on the horizon and I needed to save room. Chocolate Beignets!!).

It is at this moment that I realized this was supposed to be an art blog; it seems to have degenerated into a food and hiking blog.

After the move, I promise.. paintings everyday. I'm actually in the middle of a big Rosebud painting right now, but it's at that state where it looks like a terrible mess of underpainting, only to be raised from the ashes in the next few days. Soon!

Photographing food is always terribly disgusting. This was so tasty, yet it looks kind-of terrible.. but let me describe; somewhere on this plate is collard greens, tamale pie, jambalaya, red beans and rice, corn fritters, and mystery tofu dish.

That's The Joshua. He used to be the singer for Behead the Prohphet N.L.S.L and Mukilteo Fairies. Plus he's written like 5 thousand zines. Plus 3 cookbooks.. order them here and impress your pals. He rides the Greyhound around the U.S. and cooks up a storm from coast to coast.

There was also some pretty mindblowing baby-jamming going on. Little humans. Speaking of mindblowing, I'm joining these two crazies for a taping of the Price is Right next monday:

We are TOTALLY coming home with dinette sets and jet skis!