Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Infinite Cosmic Jamming

Whoa. Wow:

This record came in the mail a while back, along with a bunch of other new Kill Rock Stars releases. To be honest, I totally forgot about it until yesterday, when I found it under a pile of junk on top of our stereo. Marnie Stern is crazy! In a really good way. Her guitar playing is insane, I guess you would call it 'Progressive' in the way that other avante-jammers are (Hella, etc..). Now, even though I consider myself to be politically and socially progressive, sometimes I don't like my music to be so liberated that it becomes 'bleep-blorp-noodley-noodle'. I know, I'm fairly lame. But there's something different about this record, it has millions of layers that immediately bring to mind one of those fast-forwarded time-lapse movies of plants growing and stars exploding. It's the kind of record you want to play on the first day of spring and turn up all the way while you flip pancakes in your pajamas and look forward to a day of making stuff.

I should be a music writer, huh?
She's playing in L.A. with BARR at The Smell on March 3rd. I hope to be there.