Thursday, February 8, 2007

Spotlight On: Chili John's

I'm full of beans. Seriously. I just returned from a lunchtime rendevous at Chili John's with the Scheid.. today we're going to have a chili-themed blog-off!

The Scheid was the first one to introduce me years ago to Cincinnati's famous Skyline Chili Parlour. Out here on the west coast you don't see this sort of thing very often: spaghetti noodles, chili, onions, cheese, and oyster crackers piled into a chili mountain:

In Cincinnati, this is known as a 'four-way'.. scandalous. At Chili John's, you can choose a 'Bowl' or 'Super Bowl'. And this little menu item looks very intriguing:

Just a little bean juice? What exactly is bean juice??

A satisfied Scheid: Satis-scheid.

And now I collapse into a delicious chili coma.