Saturday, February 10, 2007

Say Those Magic Words

I love today's palette.. pinks and gold and yellow. It's like some sort of metallic sherbert sunshine surprise.

I'm working on two small paintings for a group show up in Tacoma, Washington. I think it's a Valentine's Day themed show. Which means I need to finish tomorrow! Yikes.

These birds need feet. And a whole lot of other stuff flying around.. leaves, rain maybe. We'll see what happens tomorrow.

Today this photo, along with a bunch of others, arrived in the mailbox. In the Awesome Friend category, Stefan Simikich is pretty high up there. He's an old Olympia pal who lives in S.F. now and is part of the whole Hamburger Eyes photo collective.. he sent me all these great pics for my dog Rosebud's vet bill benefit (which is hopefully going to become a reality on feb. 24th, and I will definitely post the when/where/what details). Check out his work here!