Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Black Arts, Part II

Not a bad day to spend in dusty crusty Community Print, writing things backwards with wooden blocks. Not bad at all.

Spellcheck! Writing backwards is harder than you might think.

Mixing up ridiculously bright ink colors (subtlety has never been my strength)..

..and getting my hands all dirty. I love tactile activities.

(that's part one of a four-color jam. Found a giant stack of nice chipboard). Here is the lair:

Criminally under-used, but that's ok with me. I like to work alone.

Drawers and drawers and drawers of magic!

Working on some more Song Lyrics prints too.. and I haven't forgotten about the Tea Time With Henry project; I can't find my linoleum carving tool. Besides breaking things, I misplace everything all the time. A real absent-minded professor.

ed. note: The above type set using an uncouth method known simply as 'jazz style'.