Thursday, April 5, 2012


Something amazing happened to me this week. Have you ever had debilitating chronic pain? A tooth infection (yeeouch), back probs, existential malaise?? I recently went for a bummer ride down Shoulder Impingement lane. Tendonitis in both rotator cuffs, almost unbearable in my left one. Aging? Muddling? Hunching? Whatever the cause, I was spending a lot of time feeling like this:

Ice packs, ibuprofen, a gaggle of supplements, lots of sitting around (you cannot believe how hard it is to activate the turn signal when you have this condition.. totally bizarre. driving became some sort of comedy act), inability to PUT ON PANTS without shuddering (shoulders, as it turns out, are very very important. i suppose i never knew). And you know what the cure was? I guess? I mean, its straight out of opposite-land:

ROCK SHOWS. three this past week. i just... huh. i dunno. wellness punx unite! and put on pants.