Thursday, April 12, 2012


I've been dreaming about painting hyenas lately. Prehistoric dogs in general. African Wild Dogs, dingos.. solitary pack animals. And so it kind-of blew my mind yesterday when Slim asked me, without knowledge of these dreams, to paint him one of these wildehonds. For the tattoo. Bonkers. The unified field was apparently in full effect! Specific imagery being lobbed back and forth between us without permission, or speech. I love this.

Yesterday's jam. Organic Vermillion/Pthalo Turquoise/Ivory Black/Titanium White. Cadmium Yellow Deep in there somewhere too.

Working on ths coyote exercise, which has morphed, I think, into a red fox. Not sure yet. But I do always paint the eyes first, that way its as if I'm working as part of a team. If that makes sense.

To the studio!