Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Lunch Summit

Running out the door for a meeting of the minds. Vietnamese food, an old friend, and ink plans. Its freaking me out!

This is Slim. Or Matthew. I still call him Slim. This is Slim smoking in the old-old-old (original?) Kill Rock Stars office on 4th Ave in Olympia. 1995? Can't remember. I was taking a lot of photos at the time. I was 19.

Slim doesn't smoke anymore, hasn't for years. HOWEVER HE WOULD LIKE TO GET A TATTOO OF SOMETHING I PAINT. What a nut!

The good news is, his taste so far in permanent skin stuff is pretty rad. He has a tattoo of each one of these:

1. a bowl of fruit
2. a vacuum cleaner
3. a chair

and soon.. what? a hyena? empress crowned crane?? a statue of St. Benedict? I can do these things. But I can't envision someone else re-drawing/inking something I painted.. meta world. What will get lost/appear in the translation? Will file a report soon!