Saturday, April 28, 2012


You guys, my birthday is coming up this year! Usually I say 'your presence is my presents' (wha-whaaaa), but this time I want A Gift:

Its the MINT twin to my SG!! 1985, 'polaris white' (which mysteriously changes to butter yellow if you sweat enough on it). For sale in Gig Harbor, only an hour away!! Damn you, craigslist. And, seriously, its $1150? Wow. I've never spent over $500 on any instrument (except for that ill-fated experiment with a Gibson Les Paul Jr, what a bad idea). And why would I want the EXACT SAME (except: my crazy hardshell Terminator 2 case is red inside) GUITAR? Because I break strings like its going out of style, and switching out mid-song to the same samey would be the best. Its one in the morning and I am obsessing on this guitar. Goodnight!

4/29 ed. note: looks like one of you bought it for me! THANK YOU. I can hardly wait for September.