Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Tech Tips + Water Safety

dear world,
what is Tumblr? i mean, i look at my friends' 'pages' sometimes, some of which look snazzy, some of which confuse the shit out of me. so i guess my question is: do i make the switch? is 'blogging' something that's gone the way of cds and friendster? and yes, haha-- not that i even do it (update the bloggity blogg) very often anymore. but still, this is a burning question i need to throw out to my 5 regular readers. ADVISE ME! advise me?
vic 20, i knew you well.

in news: Bangs just played shows w/ Hot Snakes: such brilliance from those 4-5 men. i'm not sure how to describe the experience.. transcendent, and bruise-inducing. makes me a little teary in some sort of way.. not nostalgia, just the kind of deep feelings associated with music that is at all times moving/inspired/violent and beautiful. so thanks Hot Snakes!

in paint world: i've been asked to paint a.. wait for it.. SURFBOARD? wild. for some fancy gallery show in San Francisco where well-heeled (flippered?) people go to buy expensive painted surfboards to decorate their cabanas. i feel like an ultimate poseur, being terrified of the water and all. a landlubber virgo who got caught in a riptide in maui, zonked out on staring at the insane underwater technicolor fish world, and nearly found my grave at the bottom of the ocean. thank you random sea kayaker for the assist. i never got your name.