Friday, April 20, 2012

Gimme My Line Breaks You

Yesterday I showed up for Western Hymn practice (at 11 AM!!) and opened my case to find.. a guitar. What! This is what happens when you ask me to come to your house and play loud music in the morning. I will bring the wrong instrument. Luckily we share the basement with Survival Knife, and so I borrowed lovely Meg's super fancy Rickenbacker bass. These are things I quickly learned:

1. A real bass is very heavy.
2. A real bass sounds very good. Very 'bass-y'.
3. My bandmates would now like me to invest in some new equipment.

I've been borrowing JT's Univox Hi-Flyer 3/4-scale bass for the last couple of years. I love it! Plays just like a guitar, but with bigger strings. Perfect for my small, small hands. This was the bass that JT used in the Young Ginns!! But yeah, its kind-of a toy instrument. Which is part of the reason I love it.

So, Universe: I'm going to throw out to your infinite reaches that I am in the market for a bass, short-scale preferred. One that is neither too fancy nor too crappy, and preferably one with a lot of physical dings and whatnot. Can I be specific and ask for a Mustang?

...and apparently in honor of 4/20, the blogspot technicians decided to get ripped and write a new format that blows. It won't recognize my html line breaks, which is why everything in the post is all squished together. Aesthetic apologies to all.

ed note: just figured it out. pthbbbt, computers!