Sunday, April 8, 2012

You're No Good

I have a great song stuck in my head, but its making me nuts. Rather, the guitar riff and a snippet of vocals, but on looplooploop. Terry Riley style. I'm not gonna say what it is, in hopes of deleting it from my auditory cortex. Or are you supposed to announce the Name of The Demon as you cast it out? Dunno. Never went to church.

As a kid my abstraction of the christian Easter story was something like 'Jesus died? I think? And then hid in a cave. And then all of his friends came and waited by the cave door, and then he came out of the cave and was alive again for a bit? Candy.' Its still pretty much the same. I suppose I should read up on it. Heathen!

Back to the earworm. I've been experimenting with switching the channel to Fugazi's 'Waiting Room' whenever the original tune appears (and that would be CONSTANTLY). I didn't consciously choose this substitution, I swear! I had read that you're supposed to swap out the invading tune to something unbelievably catchy ... and so 'my time/like water down a drain' poured into my synapses from some deep recess. I mean, that song is a national treasure! Any of the 13 Songs, really. And that clip of Ian M. talking about iced tea makes me laugh every time.