Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Youth Gets Wasted

I did it, I carved the teapot!

And I only cut myself once, miraculously. Besides breaking and misplacing things, I often slice my fingers open with various implements. Usually the night before a show, on my left index finger. This time on my left thumb, and I only have practice tomorrow! Hooray.

And look, my friend J. Hukee came to print today! We talked about my 20-year-old self's idea regarding 'tea cozy punks'. My youthful disdain for wholesome, craft-making, tea drinking fellow Olympians. BEFORE THE INTERNET it seemed like factions and sub-factions of punks were heavily divided in our little town, or at least to my naive way of seeing things. Drink tea? Boring! Drink coffee! Drink whiskey!

Finished the Runaways print. Tackling the 4-color jobby tomorrow.. off to find the chamomile now.