Friday, April 6, 2012

Egg Moon/Pink Moon

About 9 months ago i re-entered the world of having an extremely part-time jobby-job after.. wait, really? 7 years of self-employment?? Thank you Reading is Sexy enigma, how weird. How weird to make something in 5 minutes that pays the bills. Thank you copy machines. Thank you brain for walking through a shopping mall, having a freakout, and heading to Kinkos; thank you hands for cutting and pasting; thank you Aaron and Pat for thinking i was onto something. Thank you strange teenage television show for costuming your character in my little tshirt design, thank you search engines and people who watch TV, thank you universe. Where was I?

I live in the boonies, I spend copious amounts of my time by myself either painting or walking in the woods or talking to dogs and cats. Or typing to no one, and that's fine. I'm pretty sure that's living the dream, or coming close to it. On the flipside is my heavy desire for human connection, which is oddly paired with self-imposed isolation. A classic combination.. peanut butter and jelly, coffee and smokes, cats and baseboard heaters. SO. call put into a good friend/bar owner = 8 hours of official 'work' a week! Social time. I can get you deliciously tipsy in many different ways.

Full moons tend to be disastrous for alcoholic consumption in public places. Last night i got a wee taste of the nearly full 'Egg Moon, Pink Moon, or Fish Moon' (according to the Farmer's Almanac) insanity. 80 bajillion mojitos, dudes, its like 40 degrees out. What's wrong with good old whiskey? And I'm going to do the dreaded full-full moon shift tonight. Say a prayer to the cosmos for me, may i be free from crazies and barfers and turn-the-stereo-downers.