Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ink + Paper

I've been busy lately. Today is Attack The Garden day, yesterday was Mt. Good Times, and Sunday was the Giant Gathering of Print Nerds. In Tacoma, at the radical King's Books!

Gargantuan amazing hand-carved linoleum blocks being inked in the sunshine:


Local high school kids carved this one:

Crazy. And here's how it works:

That's right. A STEAMROLLER. Genius!

I'd love to do this in Olympia. There's a new cycle of State Arts Grants I'm looking into. I want to drive the steamroller! Apparently you don't need any fancy licensing. Though I think a jumpsuit and special hat should be required. And a cigar to chomp.

This has nothing to do with printmaking or steamrollers. But my old friend Dale just wrote it, and though I've heard the story many times, he manages to re-tell it with even more hilarity. Because he's British? Anyhow, its a great read.

ed. note: will someone PLEASE TEACH ME TO SEW and I will make us these incredible matching outfits.